VOLGABUS GROUP is a team of professionals with scientific and industrial competencies.
For 30 years our company have launched numerous city, suburban and intercity buses with the most relevant technical solutions, ideas and modern design.
Dynamic, flexible, innovative experts with unique experiences in the implementation of global transport projects.

  • Robotic welding of body elements and assemblies (maximum reduction of manual labor while body welding (up to 65%), productivity growth, leveling HR risks, guarantee of strength and precision of construction)
  • Robotic body painting (reduced labor intensity + high quality coating)
  • In cooperation with foreign partners, the Volgabus Group quality service has developed quality control tools that meet the requirements of the European market
  • According to European standards, everything is controlled - from the parameters of the welding seam and their presence (more than 5000 pieces in each bus) to the ultrasonic inspection of the most critical seams and the geometry of the body.
  • Development and production of modern body shells - a key technological product of the bus industry
  • Technological processes preparation for robotization of production
  • Creation and serial production of electric vehicles
  • Chassis production for all types of buses and centralized delivery for Volgabus Group, as well as third-party customers (organized supply chain and clear division of competencies)
Bakulin Motors Group (Vladimir), Since 2017
  • Modern production site
    • Accessibility of key highways (railway, federal highway)
    • Proximity to the main industrial clusters (Nizhny Novgorod, Kazan, Kaluga) and regions with themost promising sales markets (Moscow)
    • The latest technological solutions (robotization and automation)
  • Mass production of city and suburban buses of medium and large class (length from 10 to 18 m.)
  • Production of machine kits for the Russian Federation and foreign partners. Rapid deployment of robotic production sites in any country
  • Key engineering competencies - preparation of technological processes for robotization of production, development and reengineering of the body, production of electric vehicles.
Volgabus (Volzhsky), since 1993
  • An operating site with many years of experience in R&D and in the implementation of large-scale transport projects.
  • Modernization of production facilities and reconstruction
  • Phased commissioning of new production shops, which will increase the volume of production up to 1000 units per year
  • Within 5 years a switch to the production of suburban, intercity and tourist buses with a high share of added value and low competition in the market is scheduled. These machines make it possible to create a customized product required by customers.

The development of the engineering school, which creating modern bus models is of top priority for Volgabus Group. We are proud that our products have proven their safety, reliability, economic efficiency, and a high level of passenger comfort.
Volgabus produces city, suburban and intercity buses with diesel, CNG, LNG and electric engines.

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